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Why File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing will place your bills (medical and others), credit cards, and car payment into a consolidated plan which will result in one manageable payment.

You can even stop your home from being foreclosed on under this plan. For a FREE initial consultation, call the Blacknall Law Firm at (912) 285-1888.

Items to Bring to Bankruptcy Consultation:

  • Copies of check stubs from the last six months
  • Your most recent Federal and State tax returns and year-to-date information for the last two years
  • Copies of monthly bills
  • Copies of all tax bills
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Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultations

We provide same-day consultations (unless in court). Click the button below or call 912-285-1888 during business hours.

Why Hire Waycross, GA Bankruptcy Attorney, Willis H. Blacknall?

Our law firm is dedicated to protecting your rights. The Blacknall Law Firm focuses on bankruptcy, social security disability insurance claims, workers’ compensation claims and personal injury litigation, including automobile and truck wrecks.


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