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When you make the decision to file for bankruptcy in an effort to gain a financial fresh start, it is important to be prepared. Each step of the process must be handled carefully and thoroughly to ensure the fastest, smoothest, and most beneficial case for your needs.

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Before you can formally file for bankruptcy, every person on the filing must take a credit counseling course. This course helps you understand the implications of bankruptcy and provides tools for being in better financial control in the future. The course is available over the phone or on the internet.

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  • A list of all creditors and full information

  • A copy of your credit report

  • Copies of check stubs from the last 6 months

  • Your most recent Federal and State tax returns and year-to-date information for the last 2 years

  • An itemized list of your monthly expenses

  • An itemized list of insurance expenses

  • Copies of all tax bills

  • Copy of an appraisal for all real estate you own

  • A filing fee if you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy 

What to bring along with you

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